Effective as of August 1, 2020

This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) sets out the underlying support of our idea on which any information, including any personal data, you orivide us or we collect from you, will be processed by Roadexpress safely. Each time you access or use the services or provide us with information, by doing so, you are accepting and giving permission to the practices explained in this privacy policy. It is made for storing the information on the work of our online services that is provided to you by a diversity of platforms, examples by the Roadexpress mobile application (the “App”), our service website which is located at Roadexpress.com? (the “Website”), and by our social network accounts on Facebook, twitter, linkedin and others? (collectively, “Social Media”), all is acknowledged and controlled by Roadexpress, Inc (“Roadexpress,” “we,” “us,” or “our,”).

Our social media profiles, the applications, and the website all together allude to the “Platform”. We have made this privacy policy to let you know what details we collect and with whom we share it. This privacy rule mentioned does not give any unbiased observer’s seclusion workings of the activity we do not own or have any authority on. Underwritten or capitalized phrases not explained in this privacy policy will mean that it is forwarded to our Terms of Use. Please go through with the entire terms to understand our policies well. If at any point you are not agree with our service, discontinue our service. Besides, must read our terms and conditions. This Privacy Policy is combined with reference to the applicable Terms and Conditions. We collect and receive the information you wish to provide us by using our and website.

1.Details that we Receive and Store: Using the application, you permit us to store and/or collect such details.

Private details. We keep or get the details that describe you personally if you give us such private, known details through email or anything else. As you log in to use or to interact with us, you will have to give us your private details about you altogether. Such confidential data can contain the name of the user, email and contact details. Our server does not keep your confidential details until you want to give us when you use the App.

(a) Third-party sign in. If you enter or come upon our service through Facebook connect or any other social networking sites, you are allowing us to keep and use in obedience tot he privacy policy, any details that you agree to give us by its Application Programming Interface (“API”). We do not save or keep your account’s passwords stored.

(b) Remittance details. Suppose you want to pay or subscribe to a characteristic or theme of our service that requires money. In that case, you will have to give us the details about your payment, containing, without Any restrictions, a number of bank accounts, credit, debit card numbers, account, ACH details, and same data (collectively, “Payment Information”). Such information about payment will be stored and put in the process by our unbiased observers remittance sellers consistent by rules and agreements of the security policies also expression usage; our server gets any way to any remittance in contact with such payment or contribution.

(c) Geolocational details or coincidental information. Such characteristics and workings of the applications are according to your location where you are present. For providing these workings while you are using your mobile devices, we may, with your permission, collect location details from your device. Storing this type of location details, but in this situation, we will be able to give some workings and features to you.

(d) More details. We also get and store more of the information automatically about you and your usage of our application, your contact with us, and our advertising and details about your devices like your mobile and computer devices used for opening the application.

(i) By your side. Included details of you that you willingly gave us. Like your gender, product and services partially.

(ii) by your pursuit. We may take details about:

(A)host identity that can contain the stable host identity, often it can indicate with some rare known device like android or computer devices;

(B) Speech and software classification;

(C) mentioned, way out of the site also IP address

(D) occasion and moment;

(E) Information about when, how or for what you used our App. Such as data usage, questions and other performance.

(iii) Details regarding your mobile or computer devices may be taken or stored.

Details about:

(A) The classification of your android or iPhone;

(B) Commercial recognizer

(C) Utilize the working and classifications

(D) Conveyor also;

(E) Types of the networks of the sim ina mobile.

(iv) by Cookie. Two types of sessions can be used, the ones that expire we have it until you delete it. Cookies are the files we can use to see the user that repeatedly used our App. They are also used for identifying the mobile device and for personalizing the experience of yours. We use it to see what you have used the most in our App. To optimize the advertisement, sand promoting effects.

A) classification of your device

B) individualize occurrence ;

C) Inspect the parts that applications are used or checked regularly,

D) Calculate also enhance commercial, publicity productivity.

If you are not willing us to leave cookies on the application, you can cancel it out by going into the settings option out from your device the data collector that you do not want, users will be able to visit our App, but some characteristics will be affected.

2. Details are stored by third-party advertising companies. We may give other details regarding the activities in the application by the unbiased observers for publicity with improvements e xplained here like fraud or something not acceptable by law. Th unbiased observers can use details stored. Also the other automation for the reason to take details because of such reasons. The storage collector let’s our server and the unbiased observers to detects a software as soon as a person opens it, on the ones where the chips are positioned for the knowledge about what leads a person on our website. Moreover, our server can store some more details by the commercials on this website, like commercial recognizers.

3. A way to reject or stop unbiased observer’s liking bases commercials. When you want, you can remove Third-party interest-based advertising, for that you can visit http://www.networkadvertising.org and http://www.aboutads.info/choices because of further information for the way you can apply. This mobile device user can additionally lookup at the given instructions below:

(a) User of Androids

(i) You can open the settings then go to adds a then remove the commercials that are From the internet.

(b) Users of Apple phones

(i) Apple phone users with higher capabilities in phone can change privacy and turn on the commercial recognizers to collect few details from the settings you can make these changes.

(ii) You can do the same as mentioned in (i) got iPhone 6.

4). The way the details are put into work and given

(a) You allow us to use the private details, Geolocation, payment and other details.

(i) Give also optimize the application.

ii) Give to this service.

iii) Operate and advertise programs.

(iv) Request your response; and,

(v) Give information to you about our products and services.

(b) For providing the optimizing events, the server can give details to the unbiased observer’s events, with no restriction, volunteering for many events.

(c) We let unbiased observer industries to present for us. It additions to giving assistants of various systems. These other companies will have access to the information only as necessary to perform their work assigned and staying into the border of rules by law.

(d) To understand our user better, we are making an effort to go through some details in an unidentified and mixed way to make the App and/or such things and services enhance, operate and organize. The mixed details do not define you privately. From our side, we can also provide access to this mixed information that is related; industry works such as elevating teams also unbiased observers. Our team can also open up the mixed user statistics to define the application and outlook the deal investors and the investors and the various unbiased observers for some under law reasons.

(e) our service can give or distribute every detail with our Guardian companies, branch or the same event; the details maybe a piece of the provided assets.

(f) as we grow towards better enhancing our business, our team can purchase, pay for the working information. For the occasion of a law vending, combiner, definers, vending of the basic things, no solution or same occasion the details can be a party of given assets .

(g) To a limit of the border of law, we can open us the details:

(i) When needed by the law, an order of the court, or any different judicial supervision.

ii) At the time of Opening up of the information, we think opening up details like these is important, like protection of your private details and it’s safety.

To further process your payment through the application, we will use your payment details. We will proceed to share details with the third party and we do not keep this information. Third-party storing your payment details will not be under this privacy policy. By your will and providing of the details about your payment, you are permitting this activity done by the third party.

5.Operating and enhancing details and interaction preferences. You have given us any personal details; you can have permission to make changes for removing and disagreeing by interacting with us. You can unsubscribe and operate the receipt of marketing and non-transactional interactions. We will manage it in time. You should know about the options that you can always disapprove of our subscription databases, but it is not in your control to cancel the option of stopping the agreement emails.

Our server can also give notification on devices, for example, push notifications. You can always turn it off by putting the relevant service into bin or by changing your device’s settings.

6. The ways that we keep your details safe. Important ways out to secure your information from any bad use or disclosure of something that can harm you. We request you to cooperate and understand that no security system is inaccessible. There is no guarantee that the security of our databases or the third-party databases with which we link your details or provide to, also, we cannot guarantee about the details you have us will not be stopped while it is being transferred over the internet. Especially, email that is given maybe is not safe. Be aware and stay safe while giving details through mails.

7. Alarm for the residents who do not live in the United States. The workers or the operators are working from America. When you are from somewhere else apart from America, please take care and think about your details that you will provide us, which includes private details that may be sent to or put in work and organized on servers, computer and the systems that are working out of United States, it could be a province or country or other jurisdictions that do not have a protective law for the privacy of your details. Residents apart from America when choosing to provide information that is confidential, then the responsibility is on you of the transfer of details being used in United States and somewhere else.

8. Website that is not linked to us and the app stores (e.g., iTunes or Google Play) can collect your details like your payment, personal and Geolocational information. You must know that we have no control over the storage of the third party.

Third-party websites that have a connection with the App. It is not in our authority on the workings; on these websites, our team takes the authority for it. You have to check the policy and rules set by the third-party when you visit the sites.

9. Underage children should be kept away from internet activities like these. Children that are under the age of 13 will not have permission to use our application. We cling Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) so it is not our responsibility to be able to know if your child is providing the information. If any details are provided by a child under the age of 13 a guardian or a parent can contact us and ask for for such details to be removed from our files or records.

10. Privacy law of California: we do not have it in control, track, identify or remove any technology with general web browser “Do Not Track” settings and/or signals.

11. Changes in our securing rules. It is possible that our team can make some changes in this privacy policy according to the issue or for enhancing our service from time to time. Any difference made will be shown in the application. You are considered to have agreed to such changes. You must be aware of the range allowed by the provided security; it is essential to keep a check on our privacy policy daily so that you are aware of the changes we make from time to time.

12. You can interact with our team by emailing on this given email: Roadexpress.net Or mail us at this address: 13831 Northwest Fwy Suite 237 Houston Tx 77040.